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Da Vinci Robotic Surgery

Minimally invasive surgery assisted by the da Vinci robot is the most advanced surgical technique in the world. Thanks to robotic technology, surgeons can carry out highly complex techniques through minimal skin incisions, which translates into more precise surgery, with fewer risks and a much faster recovery.

How does it work?

The surgeon sits at a console inside the operating room and completely controls the da Vinci System, which replicates the movements of the surgeon's hand in real-time. The surgeon also controls a camera to see the surgical area in 3D magnified and high definition.

Cirugía robótica da Vinci
Cirugía robótica da Vinci

Minimally invasive

The movements made by the surgeon in the console are transferred with total precision to the robotic arms which are carefully placed through small incisions in the skin at the desired anatomical site.

Exceptional vision

The immersive camera in 3 dimensions and high resolution allows the surgeon to have the best vision of the surgical field, which facilitates the identification and preservation of relevant structures such as blood vessels and nerves.

Cirugía robótica da Vinci
Cirugía robótica da Vinci

Maximal precision

The articulation of the instruments has the same degrees of freedom of movement as the human wrist and also eliminates the physiological tremor of the surgeon's hands. This allows movements with ease, security and high precision.

State of the art surgery

The da Vinci robot is the only surgical robot authorized by regulatory agencies worldwide and has been working for more than 20 years to achieve minimally invasive surgeries that allow patients to quickly return to their usual lives.

Cirugía robótica da Vinci

The most important innovation of recent years

Due to its excellent results, hundreds of surgeries are performed every day using the da Vinci robot throughout the world.

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